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Epic FAIL! Clumsy cat tries to catch a bird but takes...a shower!

“Catching a dish such as this requires skill that is honed through trial, error and a little luck...” “Instant Karma.”  [Video: R. L. J.]

OMG…Fearless cat attacks alligator. Mode ‘slapping machine’ activated!

“Now you know who is the boss, presumptuous alligator!” [Video: P. Smith]

Funny cat reaction: “SOCiAL DiSTANCiNG, don't touch me!”

Cat reflexes always win! (kitties are faster than Humans) [Video @todoroki_seiji]

2 cats with heads in the same paper bag :/

Don't try to understand, cats are so weird, it's just paranormal CATivity... 👀

“I love you Mom, do you understand?”

“My heart ♥ just melted.” “I made the little "Aww" noise ♥” “Love love love the little paws! A-DO-RA-BLE!” “ Talk to, the paw (s)” “Air kneading? You're doing it purrfectly right.” “What a sweet lil angel falling asleep of happiness...”