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Crazy greedy kitten steals chocolate cake: “Miiine, all miiiine!”

“Cat: I want it, I need it, I must have...THE PRECiOUS!” “OMG! OMG! OMG! Chocolate!” “Human, don't make me angry, you wont' like me, when I'm angry !!!” “Give the poor thing some food.” “Is that little monster really a cat or a that’s a hungry big rat you got, hahaha!? “I regret nothing...” “The power of sharp CLAWS!” “It looks like a damn chihuahua-rat.” “Excuse me Sir but I think your blue Gremlin is fuck*ng hungry.” “Meanwhile in RUSSIA, *cute* kitties eat cakes in a *cute* way, Mwahahaha!” 😂 “The cat clearly saying “F*ck you hooman, I don't recognize your authority! The cake is mine, that's all.” “My behaviour in presence of a chocolate cake (Yup, I'm a girl). “That...evil...piece...of...hell.” “Get a Sphynx kitty they said, they are so cute and sweet they said...” “Most of cats are little food thieves.” “Looks like a big angry hairless RAT.” “Bad boy, he murdered that poor innocent cake, haha!” “That's not a cat. It's a wet and f

Amazing magic trick with 3 cute kitties

“Don't worry. That exactly how their Mom would catch them. There is a painless point on the back of their neck that actually calms the kittens. There is no abuse here.” ;) “That's cute and amazing.” “Around and around, now it's time to sleep, babies.”

Confused cat reacting to cat face filter: “WTF?”

“That's funny but weird & terrifying at the same time.” “My girlfriend just did it to her cat, that cat was SHOOK!” “Those cats looking like 'WTF?' are always funny.” “He/she seems totally confused.” Cat: “How DARE you wear a mask of your master, impudent sand-digging slave!” “Well, this cat filter is incredibly creepy.”

Funny cat swimming in the pool with grandma

“Summer 2020, DAY 17: she still doesn't not understand I'm not a døg...” [Video: Funny Cats in Water]

1-2...1-2...1-2...Amazing cat doing purrfect abdominal crunches

Because he wants to go to the beach with sexy ABS. [Video: J. Agnella]  

Epic fight: cat vs. toy mouse under the door

“Gonna catch you little b*tch!” [Video: KaOlly]