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When your greedy cat likes your delicious ice creams

“Don't worry hooman, diet starts tomorrow...” “Miiiiiiiine!” “Keep calm kitty, no one's going to steal it from you.” “I, too, eat ice creams with this kind of enthusiasm, haha.”

OMG! A big f*ck off rat attacks 5 feral cats: panic + run away!

“Rats are fucking nuts. I reckon they’re at least on methamphetamines or some sort of zombie bath salts to basically flip all kinds of birds to not just one cat but multiple cats.” [Video: Ozzy Man Reviews]

Cutest ‘surprised’ chinchilla Persian kitty ♥

White fur with black jelly bean toes, such an elegant Kitty. “Beautiful, super fluffy, funny, cute and playful baby cat.” ♥ “Ticklish kitty are the funniest kitties.” “Paws up! You're under arrest...”

These lil wrinkly babies, so weirdly cute

“They just look like gremlins as kittens and adults. I want one of these kitties so bad.” [Video: Jopa Sphynx]

“Nooope! Not for you because you’re on a diet!”

“No No No, this is MINE, if you value your life…walk away slowly!” “Nothing to see eat here. Walk away or I will cut you!” “When someone want to chat when I’m hungry after working , haha…”

Cat purring, kneading and suckling from his blanket

Because Cat! (he misses his Mom) [ Video @furdexter]