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iN-CREDi-BLE! The fastest cat in the World, driving a Formula One car!

“Surely the ears count as a movable aero device.” “I told you I can do it like a F1 driver and...without helmet!” “I like how he purrfectly turns his head to every turn: right-left-right...” [Video:  小鉄チャンネル] “I've to make sure our cat doesn't see that video, 'coz she'd immediately like to drive a Formula one car too!” 😻  “DONE! My kitty lookin' at the video: "Woah dude, it's pawesome. Faster! Faster! Faster!” “Hey, my cat likes speed, so he deserves a F1 car, too!”

It's lunchtime: 7 funny (disciplined) kitties eating in sync

(Om Nom Nom)7 “What are these cute kittens eating?” “It looks like delicious fresh fish.”

Boneless cat grooming his tail and...

 ...what?” “I'm doing my daily YOGA at the same time.” [ Video @calmusthecat]

Cute and funny Kitten in the wind. That face...

“I'm fabulous and I know it.”

Cute monkey cat waiting for his dinner :)

“OK human, I know you have fun, but…where is the promised banana?” [Video: user 1040629696058048512]

“Canoe rides in the meowntains are better with my Bengal kitty”

“So cool and awesome lifestyle! It's purrfect caTnoe ride.” :) “Wow! How beautiful! How wonderful it is to let that sweetie to experience the beauty of nature! And, tethering him to keep him safe.” “I feel like I'm depriving my cats of a dopeass lifestyle when I see cats living like this.” “I'm sure if I took my cat on a canoe he'd love it too. He loves water. He'd prob try jump in!” “É tão lindo que chega ser assustador! Meu Deus que coisa mais linda e calma... meus gatos já teriam morrido do coração.” “Qué hermosuras. El paraíso en buena compañía.” [ Video @sukiicat]