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Funny cat tries to steal a piece of chicken in a... sneaky way

“My 5 month-old Bengal Cat is learning the way of the Ninja cat, trying out a sneaky new method to see if it works for him.” (Fail) [Video: Sara Cantú]

“It’s official, cat lovers. I’m taking a vacation right Meow...”

“A most excellent idea, enjoy sea, pool and sun.” “' If it fits I sits .” “OK ‘Zen kitty’, but can we join you? ” “Don't laugh at me, this is MY pool (yes, I'm rich, very rich)” “Oh’ve definitely outdone yourself! “Love you cool fluffy with your new little hat.” “You are looking so gooooood dear Zen kitty.” “Oh my gosh: so amazing, funny and cute Persian cat.” [ Video @thezenkitty]

Cute kitten: “Dad, I can do that much better! Let me show...Oooops!”

“Poor baby ha ha so funny (and cute).” “I feel like this is me trying to reach my goals.” “I believe I can flyyyyyy...” “And good try keeping up with dad.” “At least he tried.” “Copy cat? Epic fail, gravity won. Game over”  [ Video @beertje.druif]

“My Kitty 'Eclipse' never fails to twitch in her sleep.”

Funny and adorable Tuxedo baby (with a big belly :) [Video:]

Cinemagraph • Curious cat just wagging his ginger tail

“I see what you did there, hooman.”

Super playful cat chasing water from garden water hose pipe

Cheapest cat toy for summer time :) [Video: PETacular]