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Cat-apult! Weeeeeeeeeee...Kitty is flying!

“Cats chasing the red dot get mad, hahaha!” “Woah that last jump out was incredibly amazing...” “Free electricity! I you put in some wires and you have a electric generator.” “That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year oh my god “This is how I imagine The Matrix for cats.” “Brutal and pawesome at the same time.” [ Video: gazzowb @TikTok]

‘Venus’, the famous two-faced cat is the catwalk Queen.

“You are the prettiest cat I've seen on the internet. Simply stunning “Pretty girl, you have that walk purrfected.” “She’s literally a better model than me.” “OMG, she is incredibly beautiful!” “You're a purrfetc beauty. A LEGEND!” “Yaaaaasssssss! Give the two-faced babies what they need, Venus.” “This amazing cat is 10x cooler than yours.” [ Video @venustwofacecat] Amazing paw and jelly bean toes colors, as well ;)

Funny head scratches but...not a single f*ck was given that day

“Zen and cool kitty, very tolerant.” "A new prank? Getting 100% tired of your sh*t, human..." “Left paw is ready to slap, haha.” [ Video @eriten8]

Cute and funny trotting kittens playing ‘Follow the leader’

"Kitties are on a mission. Shhheessshhhh...I would eat them alll...Sshhoo cuuttteee." [ Video @cattery_greycat]

Funny stoned cat: too much catnip is too much

“Yep, I must admit: that catnip was stronger than expected.”

Summertime ► Happy cat rolling on grass

“Belly rubs please.” “Ovenmitt fades fast when it comes to counting sheep.” [Video: Zwartbles Ireland]