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Suddenly, psycho cat discovers its own reflection in the mirror!

“OMG who are you?!” “Whoever blinks first loses” ;) [ Video @yayoi89]

Super cute kitty climbing up the stairs because...

...she hears very weird noises :/ “But... what is dat? *Fast Jump!* What is it?” “That's a curious little floofball, she has mastered “The art of head tilts.” [ Video @ocolog_cat]

When your cat wants to help you with the gardening :)

“Let me try Mom, I can do it better and faster than you.” [Video: Tamsyn Pack]

When your cute Kitty likes being petted but...

...wants to sleep at the same time  “Aww... so cute... he looks like a little stuffed animal... if I go blind now I'm glad this was the last thing I saw.” [ Video @balonthescottish]

Purrfect CATmouflage and sneak attack!

“But…who are you?” “I'm Secret Agent 009 (...lives)” [Video: Jay Rama]

Hungry desperate black cat begging (hard) for some treats

“Pleaaaaaaaaaase, I’m dying, feed me a good boy, I swear.” [Video: Anita Jesula]