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BOOM! Road traffic accident (that wasn’t suppose to happen)

Never trust a clumsy kid driving her mini truck! Poor Kitten: “Hey kid, I’m so sick of you. You're the worst driver, that's enough for today, I walk home!” “Don't be afraid, kittens are flexible” ;) “Naughty kid, you're drunk, go to bed!” “Proof that girls can never drive anyway, haha” “Yep, that's why bae shouldn't drive MY truck! Never.” 😁 [Video: FailArmy]

Jerk cat knocks over everything and the sink becomes a bathroom trash can, haha

“But why my Kitty?” “Because 'f*ck you' and because 'CAT', that's why!” 😼

Cute tiny Kitty sleeping in human hand (mini blep ♥)

“I just exploded from cuteness overload.” ♥ “Kittens twitching in sleep are so cute.” “ Talk to, the paw .” [Video: cat_lovers]

Funny and cute kitty playing with Mom's tail

Endless game: best kitten toy ever.

Purrfect cat's logic (don't try to understand)

“Doors are for hoomans and døgs, not for kitties: cats need 'cat doors', that's why.” [Video: S Hale]

Sassy cat chirping at birds in style (super sunglasses)

“Check out the shades on this fantastic feline as it chirps back at the birds.” [Video: princetite_princessoyan]