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“HAAALP hooman, I can't figure out how to go down.”

“What a hero and how trusting the poor cat is.” “This looks like it was the first time kitty climbed a high tree. And for the last time, haha..” 😄 “Noooo, don't leave me, I love you my human and I can change.” “Aww such a poor (presumptuous) kitty, but funny situation at the same time.” “When your cat is in ♥ love with your right leg.”

5 adorable-hungry-desperate kitties meowing & crying for food...

“I would pick them ALL up at once!” ❤️ “Oh my goodness, need lots of arms to pick all up.” “I don’t have enough hands to pick you all up.” “Cute British shorthair kitty family.”  “Make my heart melt.” 💖 “Can I have them all for my five kids? Thank you.” “Cuteness overload! my heart, urgh!” “Like five innocent angels singing.” “Spoiled fluff balls.” “Hug and ♥ kisses for little cuties.” [ Video @sweetheartkittens]

“What gravity? Never heard of it...OoOops!”

Okay kitty, good nap. “If you don't succeed at first, try again next time (haha) “Resistance is futile, Gravity always wins.”   [Video: KristianMihailin]

When Dad says you can have...McDonald's! 🍔

“Faster hooman, I'm so hungry! I want to order a Double Filet-O-FISH Sandwich, yum yum...” [Video: Sarahcube12]

That tragic moment when bae doesn't want to kiss you :(

“Please gimme just a little kiss, just one please.” “NO NO NO...gonna bite your lips!” [ Video @shahrzad83]

Vegan kitten tries to steal potato peel but falls from the kitchen sink

“They push me! I de-fi-ni-te-ly hate your sneaky potatoes!” “Instant Karma!” [Video: harianas]