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His human is in the supermeowrket, so the cat will not move anyway :)

Cats are very smart (and affectionate) pets. “Don't touch him, he's the supermarket SECURiTY GUARD !” 👮 “Just waiting for my fresh treats and catnip.” “Poor guy, please, owner, don’t make him wait. He's so patient.” “Zen cat don’t give a single fuck because he's meditating.” “I'm sure my cat would just follow me in...” “Like a Boss.” “I think that proud cat is in reality the OWNER of the supermeowrket.” “How could you walk by and not buy food for this sweet kitty.”

“Kitty, what are you doing?” “WHAT? My sleepy brother is so tasty.”

“I can't take it, too much cuteness.” “Cute and funny at the same time ► Snuzzy kitty.” “That kitty on the left is knocked the f*ck out, haha.” “Like when you first licked a 🔋 battery LOL” “Mode 'Mini French kiss' activated.” 😋

A laundry basket full of cute ♥ kitties in case you have a bad day

“Than k you good human: cuteness overdrive engaged!”  💕 “Cuteness overload? Level: 1000000” “Oh my God, overdosed on cute.” 💔 “Please colorpoint kitties, STOP being so cuuute.”

BOOM! Guy gets ‘Instant Karma‘ for trying to scare a kitty!

Curious feral cat: 1  Bad human: 0 ► Next game please... “Meanwhile in Russia feral cats prank bad boys.” “That awkward moment when he realizes he's a stupid-silly-dumb-foolish guy!” 😖 Cool cat: “haha f*ck you hooman, zero f*cks given to your stupid game.” “You see human, your poor car windshield has been scared of your mighty red foot, mwahaha.” “Curiosity kills the cat ...windshield!”

“WHAT? Is it a mouse, a frog or a lizard? GOTCHA! It's a grasshopper.”

 Standing on my tippy toes and..CATtack! “Such a gorgeous kitty.” 😍 “What a agile and funny hunter!” “Wait for it!” “My cat can’t do that coz he’s too fat.” 😂 “Yes, you look like the tiniest, furriest, most adorable human ever.” 😍 “Catzilla? Your cat is looking like (fluffy) Godzilla.” “Mousing from the edge.” [ Video @sterlingsilvercat]