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“Oh ‘Winnie‘, my beach cat, you're a smart little cookie.”

“Amazing, clever and brave kitty.” “I love how shallow that beach is.” “Wow, she voluntarily did that!” “What a trusting kitty.” “This is one of the coolest kitties 💕 I get so excited whenever I see kitties in water especially ocean!” “Let's take my cat ‘Lilly’ for a surf tomorrow!” [ Video @nathan_thebeachcat]

2 adorable British shorthair kitties wearing Minnie mouse & Bunny hats

“OMG, such a sweethearts ❤  The cuteness is killing me. So cute ❤ it's my dream to have one of these...especially the left one :-)" “OK, you won, they are super hyper mega CUTE, you killed me +.” [ Video @cattery_greycat]

“Walked in the backyard and wound up in...

...Alice in Wonderland with my Bengal boys.“ “The human and the cats are trippin' on ACID.” “Such a beautiful Magenta world.” “Like virtual reality.” “This reminds me of the color from color out of space..” “It's look like Morioh town.” “I need those mushrooms, whatever your taking.” “The colour out of Space?” [ Video @mickey_and_mort] ⠀

Funny cat goes NUTS for his favorite stick, haha

“MiiiiiiiiiiiiNE!” (catnip flavored?) “OM NOM NOOOOOOOOOM!!” [Video: CatTwig]

Sleepy fur ball dreaming of her milk

Oh, look at the little curled tongue, she's so adorable! "This is me every night thinking about chocolate..." [ Video @ozozomomo]