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“Zzzz...Zzzz...Wait, do I smell delicious food or what?

Caution, It's a trap... “To sleep or not to sleep, that's the question...” “To eat or not to eat, that's the question...”

Weird cat gently massaging with one paw another cat licking his belly (???)

“Massage to the beat son. Pretend I'm your turn table.” [ Video @rokuthecat]

‘Milk Bar battles’ Season 1. Look at these 4 little ginger kitties

“Four big wriggles! Mama cat has plenty to go around. Typical siblings.” “Aww I want one, I love ginger kitties, look at their pink paws.” [ Video @whiskersnpurrs]

Funny cat playing fetch with a soccer ball

Summer time and ocean >> Fun games are for cats too.

Wild cat attack in slow motion

“And... she broke my stick ! Woah...she's a cute Scottish fold kitty and a wild beast as well.” “Like mini tiger”  [ Video @prettymisssummer]