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“Now, our cat would stop meowing day & night inside the wall. Problem solved!”

“The cat is like "OK this is my house now. I'm hungry, where did you put my food bowl, slave?" “Bae is like 'OMG, slowly, slowly, you're going to cut kitty's head!” “Dad, where does cat came from?” “Now, just put a nice frame on the hole.“ My kid: “So, if I do a hole in the wall a kitty comes out?” “I'm sure the cat will be needing it again in the future.” “Haha... hat is this house made of?!” “Americans and their fuck*ng cardboard houses .” “In Australia we build houses with bricks, not cardboard.” “In Finland we build houses with snow and ice.” “In Japan we build houses with rice.” “In Russia we build houses with iron and steel.” “In France we build houses with a mix of baguettes, fromages and vin rouge.” “In China we build houses with Huawei and TikTok (and D. Trump is not amused) .” “Mwahaha 😂, your comments about walls are funnier than the GIF itself!” OK human, now gimme a high five...

“Kitten heaven! 💕 I’ve got my hands and legs full with these sleepy kitties”

“I would literally never move!” “That's a lot of cute kitties! So amazing they are all asleep on you!” “Sorry Boss, I won't be in to work today... I pawsitively have a purroblem...” “This is cat socialization in action. A wonderful display of trust. ❤️ “How did you get all of them to fall asleep on you at the same time?!” “Poor girl, she probably didn't move a muscle and kittens can sleep for quite some time...” [ Video]

Funny kitty walking in her new Mickey Mouse costume

"Mom, I know I'm cute and you've fun but please get this costume off of me. Did you see my Big bro behind me how he looked at me? I'm so embarrassed." “Short legs but long tail. Kitty is breaking the rules :)” [ Video @yuriyuri4mama]

Angry cat: “I said no cameras, no papurrazzi. Get out of there!”

“We need a little Privacy, please!”  “NO Huawei smartphone!”

'Smoothie', the fluffiest MeerCat ever ♥

"WHAAAT? Hey Mom, you're home early!" She is so funny and ♥ cute (these big green eyes) [Video @smoothiethecat]

Check out how to properly rinse a kitten after shampoo

And haters said ALL cats hate water, hahaha! [Video: via funnycats]