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Funny possessive 'Kenshin' doesn't want to share snacks with his human

“Mine...mine...ALL MINE! Not for humans, only for fluffy kitties.” [ Video @kitty.chloeykenshin]

“DAFUQ? Whatcha doin' Bro?”

SiA cat (Australian cat): “HAAALP I'm stuck in the chandelieeer ♪♫ I'm gonna swing from the chandelieeer, from the chandelieeer ♪♫ Halp me, I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down won't open my eyes ♪♫”

COPY CAT • Grooming time • Mama cat and her baby • White ♥ cuteness

“So cute Mom, like kid...They're so adorable...I love white cats.” [ Video @ameria33]

“Da Meowfia Boss is spending thursday by his pool...

...licking catnip mousie and drinking tuna-coladas.” “Livin’ the dream!” ❤️ “Livin' the best life!” 😻 “Livin' the purrfect life!” 👍 “This luxurious cat lives better than us!” “Let me hug this big fluffy Meowfia Boss.” “I see that mouse didn’t pay his dues. No mercy!” “Your orange cloud is so adorable.” “We are so jealous...This looks like a purrfect day.” “Omg how fluffy is your amazing Persian cat.” “Da Meowfia Boss deserves a relaxation day.” [ Video @thezenkitty]

Cute 'Smoothie' ♥ is super lazy today...

Those mornings when you have all kind of things to do, but can't get off the bed :/ “Me, Monday morning.” [ Video @smoothiethecat]