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“GOT iT!” Finally kitty caught that fuck*ng Red Dot.

“HaHa well done kitty! But(t) just curious...How is it comfortable to have underwear constantly up your butt like that? I know it makes it more sexy, good and all, but just seems uncomfortable.” “Not uncomfortable at all. I don't even notice it! And as you can see, playful kitten don't mind.” 🐈

OMG, that's a giant cat vs. a train! 👀

“You shall not pass, Bernina Express! OK you can pass but let me BOOP you!”

Jerk cat hates when his human tries to read a magazine!

“'Juan' the Bengal cat hates literacy. He acts this way any time someone is reading a book or a magazine, he decides to shred it.” [Video: Orlando Winters]

Such a cute mini black panther, look at those big paws and sharp claws!

“So freaking adorable black Kitty. My ♥ heart is melting.” “Owww olha essa boquinha qdo ea tira a mamadeira... meeeu Deeeeus tá, parei. Hahaha.” “Always try to feed Kittens on their stomachs, never on their back like human babies. In that position they are likely to aspirate and choke on formula.” [ Video @jessies_foster_kittens]

Psycho cat and Crazy cat flabbergasted in sync!

Haha they MAD! 😂 “What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen!”