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“Polite cat: “Please Sir, open this drinky thing, I'm thirsty.”

“My cat likes that too and really a lot of times. Probably because it's fresh water which can't be less fresh than a cup standing all day.”

Suddenly, fearful cat gets startled by sneaky CD-ROM drive!

“What the hell is that new sorcery? Sneak attack, I sense danger.” [Video: SugarcoatedAss]

Cat sharing liquid snack with his chicken friend

“A cat and chicken live lovingly together as pets in the same house. They're such good friends that they even share some tasty snacks together!” [Video: Rumble Viral]

Funny black cat bobbing his head, looking at black...

...animated cat walking back and forth.

Cute 'spider kitty' climbing up Mom's leg

“Meoooooooooow, feed me, I'm so hungry!”

Expectation: ferocious Lion • Reality: paisible ginger Kitty

“A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.” “The cat was created when the lion sneezed.”