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Snuzzy kitten trying to catch a chick. Boing...Boing...Boing...

 “CATch me if you can, my kitty!” Kitten leaping like baby goats!

Cat trick: cat pushing his green lawn mower toy in the kitchen

“DONE! I think now I deserve some treats...” “Can your cat do this?” [ Video]

Kitty is confused by Ola Ray, Michael Jackson's girlfriend (THRiLLER)

•“? WTF“ “OMG, Michael turns into a werewolf!” •“Keep calm hooman, it's just a music video.”

Sorry “This CAT image has been removed du to its content.”

“WHAT? I'm removed, seriously?” 😾 “The content' fucks you! Silly moderator, I'm still here, you can't remove me, because...CAT, hahaha!” 😸

“What the hell is that? Stop following me! Who are you?”

When your innocent cat is confused by a GHOST cat, haha. [Video Source: wighings]

Sneak catattack ► Startled Cat ► Super fast reflexes

“Wait for it!” [Video: Penny and Zelda]