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Cute, polite & thirsty kitty asks for fresh water

“The ban on drinking from fountains has expired and the cat asks to turn on his water.” [Video: via ViralHog @rumble]

Amazing playful Ninja cat doing a purrfect backflip

Gymnastic Olympic training? OK, you’re doing it right! [Video: Cat_lovers]

OMG! Catzilla strikes again!

He wildly caught a fighter jet taking off!

“Weeeeeeeeeee!” Happy Siamese cat spazzing out in his new cat tree :)

“Beautiful seal point Siamese cat very excited with his new tree. Can't believe how many people assume he's like that because of catnip. No, this is how kittens are by nature. High energy and very playful. No catnip needed.”   [Video: Derek Zimmerman]

“HAAAAALP hoomans, come back quickly! A fierce Tyrannosaurus T-rex will eat me!

Do not leave your cat alone in your car, it can be very dangerous!

Funny 'Turtle kitten' in cap trying to catch his mouse toy

How to rock a cap costume. [Video: Alex Gunn]