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Funny kitten knows how to sneakily attack adult cat!

“How dare you, little sh*t!” “Smol cat makes big cat go boiiiing!” “Startled cat is fuck*ng startled.” [Video: via]

Meanwhile in Facebook Office Headquarters, Joker cat gone wild

“hahahaha haters gonna hate.” “Please don't laugh, Facebook is a seriou$$$ job for cats.” 😂

Overexcited kitty hanging on his baby bottle!

Kitty fight for a milk bootle. “Mine! Mine! Miiiiiine!” [Video: Oskar]

Mama cat says: 'F*ck da owner and f*ck da Police!'

“ PRiVATE CROSSiNG - NO TRESPASSiNG. Right to pass by permission subject to control of owner ”. Mom: “Because I sense danger, I must watch out for enemies and  protect my kids.” “I see no GOD up there, other than me."

C'mon Kid, fight me if you wish... (hahaha)

When your presumptuous cat gets knocked down by his son. [Video: Catvideos1]

Cute twins 'Chibi-Bang' & 'Chibi-Side' snuggling together in their basket

“Ahhhh these twins are so sweet: Chibi gorgeousness.” [Video: かご猫]