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Jerk magpie annoys cool Siamese cat

“This is my 15 year old cat 'Phoenix'. She loves to hang out in the backyard sun with birds and squirrels but magpies...” “Don't touch my tail, leave me alone stubborn bird.” “Naughty magpie grabs poor cat by the tail.” [Video: via]

Funny cat chilling and sunbathing on 'his' roof

“Today I'm doing noting, because I started doing it yesterday and I wasn't finished and I'M NOT QUITTER!” “I'm judging humans from my podium.”

Snuzzy kitten climbing up girl's leg like a monkey

“Feed meeeee Mom, it's dinner time!" [Video:]

Cat thief! Greedy cat caught on the act!

“OMG kitty, what did you do with my cheeseburger!?” “Om Nom Nom... Delicious...and...I REGRET NOTHiNG. NOTHiNG.”

What a funny kitten, amazing looking face and beautiful colors

“OK, I'm cute but hungry! Meoooooow, feed me!” [Video:]

Just a weird black cat with FOUR hind legs!

“WHAT 'weird cat'? This doesn't concern you, walk away!” “And your mutant cat has hilarious method of lying on floor.”