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Affectionate cat loves to cuddle in Dad's arms ♥ Pure tenderness ♥

“Girls, show this cat GIF to your father, husband or boyfriend and they'll get you a (black & white) kitty.” 😍 "So cute, I wish our cats loved cuddles like this." "La Gattona vuole le coccole." "How I want to be with you right Meow." "Meu gato 'Marieta' quando Lore volta de viagem." "Quand ton gros pépère te fait des gros câlins comme un petite chatte sentimentale, héhé." [ Video @kikibekako]

Look at this fat cat running like a Guinea pig, haha so funny 😂

FATioust => Fat + Fast + Furious. [Video: thebrowningproject]

“Yo Kid. Want some Olive?“

The smell of the olives causes extreme euphoria in cats, similar to Catnip. “It's a reaction that (most of) Cats have because olives contain chemical compounds similar to catnip. Not all cats are genetically wired to respond like this - but it's harmless good fun when they do.”  [Video: Дмитрий Хильчук] 

Funny adventures of a kitten lost in a supermarket

“I'm lost in the supermeowket, please Sir, could you tell me where is the fish shop?” "Pauvre chat affamé, perdu dans le supermarché, à la recherche de la poissonnerie...” [Video: Артур Дубровенко]

Shhh...It's nap time Zzz Zzz Zzz

Families that nap together stay together... “First, CatNip, then, CatNap.” “CATurday is a lazy day.” Funny black and white paws. 😁 “ Talk to, the paw (s)”

When a brave kitten attacks repetitively his father

“Whatcha doing baby, are you drunk or what?” “Oops sorry Dad, I regret this poor decision but I don't give up.” “Yes, try again and again.” “Attack...Retreat...Attack...Retreat...” [Video: catloversonly]