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'Tyatora', 'Shiro' & 'Chibi-side' chilling together
with their 2 big Halloween pumpkins

 Happy Cattoween Cat lovers! “They're so cute ,funny and patient.” “😭 Shiro & Tyatora , we miss you...” 💔 💔 [Video: かご猫 Blog]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Funny black Cat playing iPad fishing App game

“Look hooman, I’m gonna catch the blue one!” [Video: shimomaki]

Drunk kitty fails “Field sobriety test“ :)

“I'm not drunk, I just want to give a mini high five but it's too hard for me because l lose my balance.” "Quand ton chaton mimi est complètement ivre et tangue comme le Titanic." [Video: wiseoracle]

“Hey, pumpkin kitties 🎃 are you ready for Halloween?”

“  “Yep Mom, we are!” “OMG , your cats are so funny, cute and patient!” [ Video @midorinotanbo]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Check out a NEW cat breed!

Amazing, but more expensive because you have 2 cats to feed... 😊 “Long cat is really Long.”

Famous 'nala_cat' wearing her pawsome spider costume for Halloween

“Spider-cat, spider-cat. Does whatever a spider-cat does.” (well, that's not a spider-cat, it's a cat-spider.) “Super pawsome Halloween costume!” “Love but mine would NEVER let me put this on him.”  “I hate spiders, but this is about the cutest damn arachnid I ever did see.” :) [ Video @nala_cat]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃