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Exotic shorthair cat not scared of Halloween axe & hand saw, haha

“Sorry for your prank, hooman, YOU HAVE FAILED .” “Oh my goodness! I know it’s fake but so scary. Beautiful and brave kitty.” “For less than a second I gasped, thinking it was real” “Just so chilled about being murdered!” “Zero f*ck given! Sorry Human, you have failed.”  “OMG so incredible that this tolerant kitty is wearing all that.” [ Video @eric_and_ollie_]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Amazing black batcat 🦇 with large wings doing a purrfect catwalk

“Okay I did what you asked for Halloween , human, where is that delicious treat?” “Yes, It's the famous flying batcat with majestic wings.!” “Handsome bat cat on the fashion way with so much charm and grace.” 💗 “Black cat version of Victoria's Secret Angels! THE BEST WALK!” “Aaaand batcat strikes again!” “So cute and cool buddy.” 💕 [ Video @rover_thecat]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃  PREVIOUSLY

Nap time for these two exhausted babies. 'Deep sleep' Mode activated

Hand up and sweet dreams (Kitties sleeping like small kids ♥) "Jajajjaja que bebés, me enxanta como duermen así, sabes como le besaría toda la panzita." "Au dodo et haut les mains! Quand tes chatons sont lessivés après avoir joué comme des fous toute la journée."  [ Video @misato_4cats]

Confused cat with weird face meowing: “What did you say, hooman?”

I said: “Kitty, today we must go to the VET.” “Whaaaaaaaaat?” [Video: user37969408]

Woah! Acrobat cat jumps on fish tank, back and forth!

Just amazing, playful kitties can be so graceful...  😯

Amazing and agile Bengal Cat jumping high on the wall

“Mine!” Jackie Chan Ninja Kitty wants his toy. [Video: Tobuscus]