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Fluffy 'Poko' bat 🦇 enjoyed a crazy and spooky Halloween day!

“Carl, you're totally MAD in your new carriage!” “Yes, but they see me rollin', they hatin'!” “'Niko' & 'Poko' are beam of eyes real 🤩” ‬ “Wow so fun to see those glowing eyes are amazing!” [ Video @nikoandpoko]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Aww...dorable kitten running back and forth in a kitty way

“Run Kitty, run!”  “Catch me if you can!” “Aww, so much fluff, such tiny legs and funny triangle tail, so cute baby.” "Scheiß verfickte Züchtung mit kurzen Beinen finde ich sehr sehr lustig." "Literally the cutest  ❤️ little thing I've seen: you made my day." "Ma che adorabile piccolo gattino, lo amo." “Oh my god, I seriously can't handle this overwhelming cuteness.  I've rewatched this way too many times.”“ "Lindíssimooo gatitoooo con estas pequeñas patitas :)" "Court... court... adorable petit minou, si je t'attrappe je te fais plein de bisous partout." [ Video @yuriyuri4mama]

Maru wearing red wig and witch hat is ready for Halloween!

“Maru is the cutest witch I've ever seen.” “Give him a broom. Trust me Maru will ride it in style.” “Maru!  You are just too cute!  May all your treats be tuna flavored!” “You're a wizard, Maru! And a thumpin' good one, once you're trained up a bit.” “Tell me the truth, Dad: am I scary, funny or sexy?” [Video:]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Funny chubby cat sitting like human
playing homemade whack-a-mole game

“Looks like he sits at a slot machine. The way he plays is too cute and funny. Very cool cat.” [ Video @coco.ai_mama]

Very hungry cat - super excited - vs. automatic treat dispenser

“The amount of dry food that comes out is definitely enough, and I'm guessing it gets fed more than once a day judging on its size, haha.” [ Video @ニャートン .さくら組]

Curiosity, Level: 100 • Why cats are so curious?

“Whatcha doin' human, what do you expect? Can we help you?“