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Flashing lights indicate that time is running out for 'Horst'

“Happy eve of Halloween! Tomorrow will be your night and there will be a blue moon to help you celebrate!” “OMG 'Horst', your 'cemetery-palace' is haunted!” "Hhuuiiii das sieht ja gruselig aus schönen Abend 'Horst'." “Black cats are the best for Halloween Eve.” “Horst I love your Henry VIII pimp up - all that bling!” “Quand ton chat noir est déjà prêt pour la nuit d'Halloween, posté à l'entrée du cimetière avec sa copine la chauve-souris géante qui clignote d'impatience : ça va être une nuit... d'horreur !"   "Cool wie Graf Catula... Und schick wie kein Zweiter... Viel Spaß an Halloween." [ Video @horst_the_hero]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Cat wearing her new orange Halloween costume and hat

“Am I Cute and/or... funny?” “Funny and pretty but your kitty looks confused or paralyzed, haha.” [Video: BFvsGF]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Creepiest Halloween costume for cat! (skeleton, flesh and blood, haha)

“Human, you have failed me for the last time, I know where your sleep, so next night you're going to die!”  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

C'mon babies, it's time for a mid morning snack!

“Run hungry kitty, run!” “Wait Bro... " Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano .” “They look like toys! Incredibly cute kittens.” “Follow the leader... if you can!” "I was laughing so hard when the first little kitten ran, but the second one is not very hungry..." “Quand sonne l'heure du goûter et que tu te précipites car tu meurs de faim, mais que ta petite sœur est à la traîne...” [ Video @suzie_and_kushi]

Two cats in costume who can’t Halloween. Epic FAIL!

“Some Kitties lose all ability to move once you put them into an outfit. They walk backwards and fall.” “Whenever you put a costume on a cat it's like the force of gravity becomes stronger.” [Video: As/Is]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

“Wait, I can do it.” Cat climbing down bunk bed ladder like a boss

 Yep, cats can be ARE so graceful :) [ Video @maa.0330]