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Owner: “I found the PURRfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.” 🎃

“You look Pawesome, dear 'Morris.'” “The purrfect pumpkin, indeed! How adorable and patient kitty!” “Oh...I wish I could find a pumpkin like that at the pumpkin patch!” “Yeah, that's one fresh pumpkin.” “Funny white mustache.” “Oh yes, that’s definitely the pick of the crop.” “'Morris' looks like a statue until he moves.” “I like my pumpkins with a bit of fur on them.” [ Video @morris_the_persian_cat]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

“Scary Billy Boo here. Did I scare you? Happy Halloween 🎃 cat lovers!”

A spooky cutie 🧡 “Om Nom Nom, I like to eat delicious human arms !” “Those creepy eyes!” [ Video @rika63]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

“I'm not afraid of ghost, I protect ghost, I kiss ghost...

...ghost is boyfriend ♥” “Ghost is your furriend.” “That's one lucky ghost.” "Assomiglia tanto ad un gattino che avevo." “ So your boyfriend is ghosting?” “This ghost is kinda cute.” "Quand ton chat tombe amoureux du fantôme qui était censé le terroriser, héhé." “A better love story than Twilight.” “Qué lindo es, how cute.” “Cause they have the same colors: black & white.”   “Both cats and ghosts are out of this world.” [ Video @2chaoscats]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Brave and playful kitty playing with Halloween skeleton ghost

“Gordy vom Zürichberg : our ghost hunter.” “Your cat is not affraid at all from the creepy ghost: you FAIled!” “At the end he's like: 'Play with me, play with me!'” [ Video @catteryvomzuerichberg  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Spooky ghost cat with its pumpkin lantern

“Not creepy, just funny and cute...” “White cats can't be creepy, only black cats...” [ Video @harobarotti]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 

Funny black cat doing a purrfect catwalk among pumpkins

“Meowmy, was that the boogeyman?” “Come at me , Bro.” “Nice pumpkin collar :)”  [ Video @lackcattrails]  🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃