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“Mom, I know that you love me so hard, but stop trying to eat me!”

“Humans hug, kiss and speak Cats hug, lick, kick and bite.” “Kitty is like: Mmooooommmm not in front of the camera, you're embarrassing me!” “I love u so much my baby, I want to NOM ya! <3” [Video: tansokunyan]

Naughty girl waking her sleepy cat up with an... air horn! Poor kitty :(

“At first, I said: "Oh noooo" in the first seconds. Then, I said: 'awww...that's right'. I was about to be furious, you scared me for a second. Well, you got me with your prank :)” [Video: STIGMA_WIZARD]

Yesterday, in my classroom an irreverent cat wrote on the chalk board...

🐾 FUCK YOU🐾 I am a CAT !

Evil black kitten with yellow laser eyes 'running' upside down under bed

Kittens are so crazy :/ and... funny :) [Video: eaterofd0g]

Dramatic ginger cat is dramatic!

“Although he is studying for his PHD, 'Mylo' the cat took a semester off to take some advanced acting classes, taught directly by The Dramatic Chipmunk.” “WHAAAAT did you say? VET ?” [Video: hiddentracktv2]

Black kitty catches & eats the famous 'Mike Pence fly' Mwahahaha 😂

“'Owlkitty' has my loyal vote!”  “The best cat vid EVAH!” “LMFAO!” “Brilliant!” “Amazing.” “Pawesome.” "Voilà un chat qui prend la mouche 😋” “Wow! Good job 'owlkitty' you're an amazing kitty.” “This cracks me up!” “House panther for the win!” “What a helpful kitty.” “Foreign interference in US political elections.” 😊 “Of course, 'Owlkitty' is a Republicat.” “Hey flies, don't mess with black cats.” “This might be my favorite of all time! Hahahaha.” “That one is fuck*ng Hi-la-ri-ous!” “I think that any cat on the ballot would make a better leader.” [ Video @owl__kitty] “C'mon, shake Mike Pence's head, shake it, kitty!”