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Adorable & beautiful fluffy Christmas kitty. Best present for cat lovers ♥

“Snowy kitten, so incredibly cute.” “Cuteness overload: level 100.” “So AWWdorable!” “Omg I can't resist. You have three kitties, so can I have one, just one please, a smoll one?” [ Video @fluffy_nerfs]

Cute fluffy fur ball playing with his Xmas toy

“Our lil Lion, a very gorgeous boy, is growing up day after day...” "Ой какой милый весёлый котик" "Какой красивый один из лучших" [ Video @goldenstar_cattery]

“This amazing toy was my favorite Christmas gift this year.” 🎁

“C'mon kitty, catch me if you can, I'm faster than you!” [ Video @rosie_turkishvan]