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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“Hmmm... I could murder her... Nooo, I ♥ love her” (2 GIFs)

Cute Cat GIF • Cat refuses to murder his human, he loves her because she is a good girl []
“Not are still necessary because you...feed me.”
“OK girl, you're comfy so I'll kill you tomorrow.”
"Carinho, tudo de bom! Carinhosa!"
This kitty has big paws and the claws are amazing!”
"Ôh jesussss que lindo cat."
When you want to comfort someone but you are unsure..."
Como pide cariño, esta llamando la atencion, Y dice oye tomame encuenta ,quiero cariño y tu conversa y conversa, ya basta¡" 😂
I just love your kitty cat it's so precious and sweet and gentle and loving is the best Darn Cat in the world ♥”
"Представьте себе если бы ее когти прошлись по коже. Но он или она не сделает это. Ведь они нам верят и любят нас людей нисмотря на нашу жестокость по отношению к ним."
For the love of God, give that cat some loving!”
"Che amore delicato.”
He needs a good nail trim!” 😂
[Video @seefloor]

Scary Cat GIF • STOP HUMAN! Don't tickle my jelly bean toe or I will cut you, OK?
STOP! Don't tickle my jelly bean toe
or I will cut you! Do you understand?
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