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Monday, January 25, 2021

Amazing cat walking in snow with mode "Direct registering" activated ;)

Amazing Cat GIF • Pawesome cat slowly walking in snow with mode "Direct Registering" activated []
“It's PAWesome how cats (and felines) don't have to look where to put their rear paws since the front ones went into existing paw print or into paw prints created with their own front paws!”
“Even more difficult because got started on the wrong paw and just went with it: RESPECT!” πŸ‘.
“Cats walk single file to hide their numbers...”
“Yes and sandpeople always ride single file to hide their numbers."
“So elegant 'snowy catwalk'.”
“My cat walk that because he hates getting snow on his feet: he thinks the snow is lava, haha.
“How does it minimize noise? You still place the same amount of feet.”
“Damned, he has invisible rear eyes for ear paws, or what?!
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