Animated cat GIF • 100 cats & kittens wearing a COVID mask

Animated cat GIF • 100 clever, amazing, funny, cute or weird cats & kittens acting like their humans, wearing a face mask ;)
100 cats and kitties acting like their humans? They're so amazing, clever, patient, funny or cute ♥
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Cat GIF with caption • Mask anti-COVI-19 for you, my kitty. “Don't mess with me! I know where you sleep.”


Photosoppped cat picture • Clever kitty with face mask tells others kittens: ''STAY 6 PAWS AWAY FROM ME.''
Clever kitten with face mask tells others kittens:

Funny cat GIF • Amazing COVID trick! From face mask to blue cat hat, haha, well done kitty!
“F*CK your old face mask!
Now it's my new blue HAT!” 😋

Art Cat GIF with caption • COVID vaccine for cats. Dramatic kitty does not want AstraZeneCAT! They purrfer Pfizer, hahaha!
In Europe, cats prefer Pfizer COVID-19
vaccine over AstraZeneCAT! 😂
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