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Monday, January 11, 2021

♪ ♫ Snowflakes keep falling on my head... ♫ ♪

Amazing Cat GIF • Beautiful Main Coon cat chilling under the falling snow, he likes cold and  Winter []
“We’ve been getting a lot of fresh snow the past days and we are very thankful for that.”
"Очень красивое видео" 👌
“I think this lovely Main Coon cat likes the snow.”
“You can feel the cold and the warmth in one go.”
“Just magnificent.” ❤
" Froid moi? Jamais, je porte un manteau de fourrure en poil de chat du couturier 'Maine Coon'."
“You are thankful for snow? I cant wait for this terrible stuff to melt!”
“Beautiful cat, che meraviglia.” 💕
[IG @mainecoonqueens]
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