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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

“Waiting for that sweet belly rub...”

Cute Cat GIF • Gorgeous fluffy cat enjoys sweet belly rubs  []
“Aww...Cuteness level 100.”
“Such a pretty fur! I see you're staying well groomed!
“Such a gorgeous floof.”
“She's playing dead but...her tail is still alive.” :)
“Hooman plz rub ma belly!”
“Боже, какие лапки.“
“Ahhh! Such luxurious furrrr.”
“My cat will let me rub his belly but anyone else and he’ll attack them.” 😼
“She Looks very soft, that belly is ameowzing!”
 “Belly rubs are the best rubs for kitties.” 😻
[Video @miesthecat]
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