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Saturday, February 20, 2021

“Leo’s lazy morning.” (Yawn & stretch, what a shame...)

Funny Cat GIF • Lazy cat yawning and stretching in bed on a Sunday morning []
“Just like me on Sunday morning.” 😂
"Du jeden Morgen bevor aufstehst."
“And not a single red dot was caught that day!”
"Tô cansado relaxando 😌 Preguiça boa !"
“When mom has to wake you up on the morning because you overslept.”
"Yo hoy sabado por la mañana..."
“Oh my god...look like a boss.”
“CATurday is a lazy day.”
"Aaaah une bonne grasse matinée où l'on reste au lit à glandouiller."
“100% chillaxing on weekends be like...”
[Video @leo.x.lea]
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