A long prayer before a impurrsible jump: “Gravity, please don't...”

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny long prayer before an amazing jump [cat-gifs.com]
“Every success starts with dreaming visualising praying and then, GOOOO!”
“Nike Air cat”
“WoW! Purrfect balance & jump.”
"Помолился и запрыгнул."  😁
"OMG, pensé que no lo iba a lograr pero..."
“No impurrsible mission for graceful cats.”
“Flying kitty!”
“Quand tu n'es pas sûr de ton coup et que tu pries pour ne pas prendre une gamelle."
“I was expecting an epic FAIL, but it's an amazing jump (and without using its front paws!)
“Fuck GRAVITY, because Cat!”