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Monday, March 8, 2021

Ever seen a pretty kitty with a raincoat before?

Amazing Cat GIF • Pretty cat walking under falling rain with her raincoat []
“Now, she needs rain boots to keep her lil paws dry!”
“And what about the tail? It's the perfect opportunity for a tail coat.”
“She doesn't seem to mind: a tail up means: I'm happy.”
“They're evolving. Coming soon: 'I'm singing ♪♫ in the rain.'”
“What a funny and adventurous kitty!”
“Looks like Miss Figg from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie.”
“Awww...I can die now.”
“This is not a raincoat, it's a raincoat.”
“The real wet catwalk.”
“Okay Mom, it's fun but I have no idea where I'm going.”
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