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Thursday, March 25, 2021

BOOP & retreat! Hilarious playful kitty vs. little kid

Funny Kitten GIF • Attack & retreat! Hilarious fearful kitty vs. little kid []
“haha (s)he acts so weird and funny.”
“Crab dance like.”
"Il gattino vuole giocare e questo bimbo sta lì rapito da una televisione...”
“Funny side moves!”
“Cute move. the jumps are epic.”
“Linda filha brincando gatinho.”
“How unbothered I wanna be this year.”
"Quand ton chaton veut jouer mais que ta gamine est fascinée par ses dessins animés à la Télé !"
“Play with me, play with me lil' hooman!”
"Qué gracioso y la niña lo que aguanta sin moverse."
“Don't touch me kitty when I'm watchin' my TV cartoons.”
"Kind muss fernseh schauen und hat keine Zeit hahaha!"
“Funny black kitty with white socks.” 😀
[Video @kaitlinrorison] 
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