“Zzzz... When I nap, whatever... Zzzz...”

Funny Cat GIF • Cat nap, zero attention given to hungry chickens. Do not disturb please! [cat-gifs.com]
That awkward moment when you're so tired from taking a nap that you feel like to have to take another nap to get over your nap 😂
“I'm still figuring out who gave less f*cks: the cat or the chickens, haha?!
“Hens and roosters vs. cat.”
“CATurday is a lazy day.”
"Ugh, the drunk cat is sleeping here again. Just ignore them.”
“When you got drunk, and wake up in your friend's living room with all the family already having breakfast.”
“What's new pussy cat? Nothing....just hanging around...you?”
“Cat, you need to start exercising. A diet wouldn't be bad either!”
“Sorry chickens, I can't move, I'm so tired, you have no idea...”

Funny Cat GIF • Amazing cool cat sleeping on its back with 3 backyard chickens looking at him
“Please chickens, leave US
alone, WE (cats) are very tired...”
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