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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

“Hooman! I can see the bottom of my empy bowl. Fill it up quick or I'll die!”

Funny Cat GIF • “Human, HELP! I can see the bottom of my food bowl! Fill it up quick or I'll die!” []
“Go ahead and fill it up, I'm sick of this empty cup, what are you waiting for, you know I want Moar and Moar!”
“He was probably fed 5 minutes ago. That cat clearly eats enough, time for a diet.” =D
“NOPE! Not enough. Feed him, WHATEVER.”
“Human, 3 minutes late to feed me! Unacceptable!”
“That's cat morse: fe-ed-me-plea-se-fe-ed-me-plea-se!”
“Those passive aggressive little ears!”
“Do you mean: PAWssive aggressive?!”
“Like a little prisoner clanging his metal cup on the bars.”
“My cat's bowl is never allowed to get empty. It's always FULL, haha.”
"Hooman, don't you love me? Then WHY is my food bowl empty again?"

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