“Want a delicious treat, Maru? Come here.” • “OK Dad, I'm going hurriedly...”

Funny Cat GIF • Maru The brilliant gymnast. On the balance beam for the win [cat-gifs.com]
“Wow, well done, that is brilliant balance.”
“The gymnast. On the balance beam for the win.”
"Stupendi stupendi, adoro i gatti, complimenti."
“I can't believe he did that! Maru, you continue to amaze.”
“Maru! my very first favorite catto in the internet.”
“Love Maru's concentrating face.” 😁
"Quand Maru est prêt à tous les exploits pour avoir une croquette.”
“Tell me the truth human: it was a trap or what?”
“Chubbs but still got it.” 💪
“The concentration! Well done, Maru. Deserves a treat!”
"Jajaja el gato equilibrista."
“Such a good boy. Simply the Best. I LOVE you.”
"Tú en el pasillo del mercadona evitando a los viandantes."
[Video @maruhanamogu]