“Spidercat vs. curtain veil? Hmmm... a long story!”

Funny Cat GIF • Crazy Spidercat climbs the curtains. His desperate owner already gave up, haha [cat-gifs.com]
“Spidercat Spidercat does whatever a spider can!”
“Oh nooooo, RIP+ curtains!
“Poor desperate woman, she already gave up, she ain't even trying to stop the little monster!”
“Mom, I'm ready to go outside right Meow.”
“YAAASSS! Curtain climbing is THE BEST!”
“I understand this situation pretty well having a hyperactive kitty.”
“Hilarious! The owner is so calm! Resistance is futile.”
“Resigned woman says: 'Oh Noes, again and again... I hate those black cats.” 😁
“This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!” (Cat MEME)
“Right, and that's why we have Venetian blinds now!”
"My babies used to do that, sot now NO curtains in the living room. :(”
“WHAT? Just my daily exercise.”
“He needs a little ARMY outfit.”
“This is why I have blinds and no curtains! My 2 cats would have a field day, HaHa.”
“Story of my life. None of my new curtains ever survive past the 2 day stage.” 😒
“A big cat tree might help , it surely helped me after my baby ripped the curtain off.” πŸ˜‚
“Even whey they’re bad, they’re cute. CATS WILL BE CATS!”
[Video @bella_donna_the_cats]

Funny Cat GIF • CATastrophe! Crazy cat swinging on curtains OMG what a freak!
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