Friday, March 26, 2021

“Hmmm, excuse me...Mr Rat? Could you share some food?”“

Amazing Cat GIF • Rat does not want to share food with cat. POW! Right in the whiskers! []
“New adventures of Tom and (big) Jerry, 2021 Netflix adaptation.” 😂
“POW! Right in the whiskers! I'm the boss here!”
“Do not disturb while eating...”
“Hmmm... did you see that rat's SIZE? 👀 No wonder the poor cat's afraid!”
"Lindo ratoncito mira.. para aue por fa me dejes comer a mi también por fa y disculpa."
“Poor hungry kitty. I thought they killed rats and mice.”
“Sono io il capo qui, capisci?”
“I think she wants to feed him before eating him, HAHA!”
"Какой вежливый котик"
"Quand un brave chat, naïf, n'a pas encore compris que les (gros) rats de rue n'ont peur de rien.”
“Yep, the cat just letting his food get...fat.”
"Acá el único que come soy yo!"
“Poor cat: she forgot how to cat!”
"Хорошый кот но боязный"
“Hey buddy wanna share some food with good ol' friendly neighborhood kitty cat?”

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