Super cute ♥ kitty cleaning his big paw after a good breakfast

Cute Kitten GIF • Adorable kitty cleaning his big paw after a good breakfast. So cute and funny ears []
“No wonder he’s looking so cute! A full belly makes him happy-cutie pie!”
"Che adorabile gattino, voglio lo stesso."
“Adorable and gorgeous little boy.”
"Trop mignon le chaton avec ses p'tites oreilles, on aurait envie de les mordre..."
"Первые уроки умывания.Соблюдение гигиенических процедур. Маленькие милашки,как же вы быстро"
"Que lindoooo..."
“So cute and funny little ears.”
"Wir kann man so süss sein."
“That tiny paw cleaning ritual! Learned at such a young age! Pure Instinct.”
“Looks very healthy kitten.” 🐱
"Воспитание на самом высоком уровне, мама научила, что надо умываться после еды."
“Isnt this the cutest baby pet ever!?”
“This is me after chips.” 😂
"Muito fofo gatinho."
[Video @fluffy_nerfs]