Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Ultimate fight between two ferocious wild beasts!!!

Cute Kitten GIF • 2 kittens wrestling hard on bed. Funny, playful and cute babies [cat-gifs.com]
“Training for kitten wrestling championship!”
“Smol kitties battle for the best spot on bed because it's nap time.”
"Dios mío, es un GIF con alto contenido de sensibilidad, jeje."
“Adorable bunny kick: tiny cat but he already knows how to cat.” 👍
Kitty 1: “Rawwww I'm a dangerous Tiger!”
Kitty 2: “Rawwww I'm a dangerous Lion!”
“Finish him, it's a bad kitten!”

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Kitten wrestling. Epic fight between 2 adorable Ragdoll kitties
Little ♥ monsters

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