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Saturday, April 10, 2021

“Noooo Sister, NO touching the spinning thing, it's dangerous!”

Snuzzy Cat GIF • Cute kitty prevents sister from dangerous spinning top. NO TOUCHY it's dangerous! []
They're so innocent, cute and funny.
“Kittens that discover the world of humans are so funny...”
“The standing kitty is so KAWAiiiiii!”
Sis: “Bro, what is that weird spinning thing, a mushroom? I sense danger.”
Bro: “Don't be afraid, spinning things have inertia, which means they keep spinning unless something slows them down.”
Sis: “WHAAAAAT? You're a genius!” πŸ‘€

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever cat playing with his spinning top, like his human haha
Playful and fearless!
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