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Monday, April 12, 2021

Determined Cathlete working hard on that summer body

Amazing Cat GIF • Determined Cathlete working hard on that summer body, doing sit ups under a car []

“hahaha this cat is in better condition than me, than us what a shame!”
“When you thought summer was cancelled but things keep opening and now it’s panic time!!!”
“Never in my life have I ever seen an animal do sit ups.”
“Cat doing sit ups? You're kitten me!”
“Next event: leg tucks.”
“Eye of the (small) tiger starts playing.”
“Eye of the kitty.”
“Rocky Meowlboa.”
“Rocky Catlboa.”
“It's the final cat down ♪ ♫.”
“Wow He's training with some serious determination.”
 “It's trying to puuuuush the car of a ledge and he's doing his beeeeest.”
“Got get the summer body.”
“That cat did more sit ups in a few seconds than me in a year, LOOOL!”
“For sure that brave cat is training for the next Catlympics.”

Amazing strong cathlete • Don't mess with me hooman, I'm Rocky Meowlboa! []
They are evolving! They will soon be stronger than their humans!

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