Sunday, April 11, 2021

Funny cat fascinated by super fast Hot Wheels car!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat fascinated by a super fast Hot Wheels track following it around and around []
“My son was playing with his Hot Wheels track and we noticed that one of the cats was very interested. He wouldn't take his eyes off of the car and followed it around and around and arouuuuuund, while the other cat looked on from a distance.”
“Good exercise for the neck muscles, haha!”
“He's Gone Totally Mad! OWNED!”
“And two hours later the poor cat was still following that fuck*ng car!” 😂
“Poor cats go nuts with tose new circular toys (too fast for us)”
"Round and round it goes, playful cat gonna go crazyyy!"
[Video via @Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada]

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