OMG! Kitty made a super-hyper-mega MESS in the Bathroom!!!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Cat makes a super-hyper-mega-huge MESS in the Bathroom!!! []
“My new cat 'Frankie' tried to get at something (???) on my bathroom self and chaos followed. He knocked the entire thing over and then celebrated by shredding a brand new roll of toilet paper. My reaction was 100% genuine as I started recording before I actually saw the mess...“
“This is why we can't have nice things, in the bathroom, in living room, in the sleeping room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, well... NOWHERE!”
“Mode 'TOTAL DESTRUCTION' activated!”
“But why my sweet kitty? ” “Because F*CK YOU, that's why...” 😸
“High-energy cat totally destroyed bathroom and... for free, hahaha!”
[Source: X, Norman, Oklahoma - USA, via]
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