Monday, April 12, 2021

“STOP Kitty! You tickle my belly button my with your cold nose!” (2 GIFs)

Funny Cat GIF • Nooo Kitty you tickle my belly button with your cold nose! []
Girl: “ I can’t stop laughing!”  πŸ˜„
“Mom, your belly button smells like my fav catnip!”
“When kitty discovers the famous 'Black Hole', aka. The origin of the Universe!”
“Look at her right hand, she's near having an orgasm.” πŸ˜‹
[novaruu @TikTok]

Funny Cat GIF • Epic reaction - with mouth open - after smelling that belly button. []
Later, a funny reaction - with mouth open - after smelling that weird belly button πŸ˜‚
“It stinks or what? That cat face after he sniffs, hahaha!”
“Not sure, cats do that to smell better - good or stinky - all cats do it.”
“Yes, cats have a gland in their mouth, and when they do that, they are processing the smell better.”
“My cat does this whenever he smells something >> unfamiliar. It also apparently help them detect unfamiliar smells.”
“Not the smell of the belly button but the metallic ring of the PIERCING. My cat do this when she smells metal.”
“Hmmm...Seriously Mom, I think it's time to clean your strange metal button.”

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