Saturday, April 3, 2021

“WEEEEEEEE! I came in like a wrecking baaaall” 🎶

Funny Cat GIF • Playful cat likes to swing hanging on curtains. “I came in like a wrecking baaaallll” 🎶 []
“Iiiiiii'm gonna swiiiiing from the chandelieeeeer, from the chandelieeeeer meow...” ♪ ♫
"Oggi un grande spettacolo da circo.".
"When your cat becomes Tarzan!"
“Et après cet épisode de jeu, il va s'étonner que son chat grimpe aux rideaux comme un dingue, LOL.”
"Das brauch ich für meine zwei Teufel."
 “The most fun game of the day.”
"Mi gato hace eso con las cortinas, llevo varios visillos cambiados.”
“Black kitties = best kitties”
"Você todinho com os gatinhos, né KKKK."
“He looks like he is having a blast!”
"Ni a mis hijos les he permitido, lo que les permito a mis gatitas... creía que era la única, jajaja!"

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